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About Us

Support Our Seminarians, Inc. (SOS) is a 501(c)(3) a non- profit organization that was started in Scottsdale, Arizona over 17 years ago to financially assist Catholic seminarians during their seminary years.  Its founder, Marjie Hoffman, was a devoted Catholic woman from Our Lady of Joy Catholic Church in Carefree, who gave so much of herself in helping our seminarians and priests.  

The current Board of Directors consists of Julie Hahn, Fr. Arthur Nave, and Meagan Martinez.  The Hahn Family assisted Marjie years ago in obtaining the 501(c)(3) status for Support Our Seminarians, Inc.; through the years they have been very involved in Support Our Seminarians and with other vocation support.  The Martinez family has been very active in supporting vocations in our diocese for many years.  Support Our Seminarians prayerfully and financially supported Fr. Arthur Nave during his years in seminary.  His continued involvement with this organization is a true blessing for the Board and our seminarians.

We want to introduce, or re-introduce, to you Support Our Seminarians and its mission of support. When a young man goes into the seminary, there are many expenses that are not budgeted by the Diocese such as (school supplies, medical copays and deductibles, auto insurance, car payments, gas, travel costs, etc.).  During their years in seminary, as in life outside of seminary, unexpected events happen.  Some may get sick or injured and incur unforeseen medical expenses, a parent may lose their job, or due to a family illness or death an unexpected trip home is necessary.  Support Our Seminarians is here to prayerfully and financially assist our seminarians in these times of need. Many of their families are not in a position to help with these costs.

   We ask you to please pass on this information about Support Our Seminarians to all those you know who support religious vocations in our diocese and may be in a position to assist in this mission.  There are many Catholics who currently pray for our seminarians and religious, and some of these people may want to financially help.  In years of experience in speaking about the Support Our Seminarians organization, many people were not aware that our seminarians even had financial needs. 

    Support Our Seminarians is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which means your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Support Our Seminarians greatly appreciates all donations whether they are small, large, one-time or monthly. Some people prefer to donate once a year, and yet others prefer to donate monthly for their charity tithe.  All donations may be mailed to our address listed below. 

  All donations are put into a large general fund.  Seminarians and religious must submit an individual grant application through their Vocations Director when a financial need arises.  Legally, donations may not be designated to a specific seminarian, however they may be recommended for one by name.  By law, we cannot guarantee that monies recommended for someone will go to that person. As the Vocations Director approves applications and donations are processed, we will do our best to assist all seminarians with any available funds, to the extent allowed by law. 

   We ask you for your prayers for the continued success of Support Our Seminarians, and please remember us when you make charitable donations throughout the year.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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